Small Bottles of Prosecco

Prosecco in a small bottle – What a good idea!

We absolutely Love Prosecco 😀 Do you Love Prosecco?

Small bottles of prosecco are the best! and they are not as hard to come by like small bottles of wine and champagne so that’s a nice bonus!

Think about this for a minute:
You’re going out soon, Lets say; on the town with some friends…
You’re getting ready, doing your hair, blablabla…
You fancy a quick drink before you head out in an hour…
But you dont want to open that “Large Bottle of Prosecco”. Nope. It might go off!? you’ve got work all week and wont drink again until next friday…you only want a glass!(what, oh what are you going to do now!?)

Simple Solution = Grab one of them small bottles of prosecco.

Small Bottles of Prosecco
various brands available. not a size comparison, just for brand illustration purposes.


You do have 2 options with these small bottles of prosecco:

The 37.5cl Bottle:
The “Normal Size” bottle holds 75cl – so a 37.5cl bottle is half the size of a “Normal” bottle of Prosecco (obviously!?) A large glass is usually 250ml, the 37.5cl bottle converts to 375ml so i suppose that translates into an Extra Large glass? (nice!)

The 20cl Bottle:
A smaller option (and easier to come by) is a 20cl bottle. Four of these 20cl small bottles of prosecco equal 80cl so 4 small 20cl bottles are just over the amount of 1 “Normal” bottle. A large glass is usually 250ml, a medium glass is usually 175ml. A 20cl bottle converted to ml is 200ml. So the 20cl bottle of Prosecco is half way between a medium glass and large glass (not bad)


Although there are 2 versions of the small bottles available, not all brands have both sizes available. the 20cl is a more widely available option and we have the 37.5cl bottles from Santa Margherita and Ruggeri available in our shop. Although you can try asda, tesco or morrisons if you are after other brands in a 37.5cl bottle.


We hope you enjoyed the read, 
Why not take a look in our shop and grab yourself a cheeky little bottle 🙂


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