Are Cava and Prosecco The Same

a short read about these two beverages…

It’s not a new knowledge when left with a choice on the wine preferred by people, often people tend to go for the sparkling wine. The different procedures in their production, the grapes that are put together, the taste and how these wines blend with the mouth. The debate continues about what sparkling wine is the best, so in this text we will be looking at the difference between cava and prosseco but before we continue, it should be noted that there are only two major differences which are the fermentation process and the grapes used to produce these wines.
Cava, whose origin can be traced back to Spain, is a Spanish sparkling wine. Cava has been produced far back over 100 years but it got the name Cava in the 1970s. Cava come in two sparkling colors which are white and rose. The grapes involved in the production of the wine are Macebeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo grapes. It’s essential to know that before a wine can be called its legal name it has to originate from a specified area and produced using a specific method. Cava goes through same process as champagne which is the methode traditionannelle and the second fermentation occurs in the bottle where the wine will be sold, also most Cava are made in Catalonia. Cava can be classified as a sweet or dry brut. The wine is usually measured with a certain amount of sugar and yeast, the fermentation process (second) gives it the fizz it requires and also increases the alcohol level to about 1-1.5%. After which there is sediment of dead yeast cells which can be removed by a process or method termed digorgement, the dead yeast cells are responsible for its flavor.
The Prosecco wine can be traced back to the 17th century, it’s a sparkling wine that is made from the Glera grapes which are grown in northern Italy in the Veneto region, when comparing the ancient Prosecco wine to today’s Prosecco then we can say the taste differs as the ancient Prosecco was a sweet, low quality wine. The Prosecco wine as a dry and yeasty taste, Prosecco is similar to champagne than any other sparkling wine because of its blended taste but the Prosseco wine is made fizzy by the tank process or method which means instead of its fermentation taking place in the bottle it’s done in a large vat instead. The Prosecco after going through the tank method it is then allowed to settle, the pure part of the wine is pumped out of the lees before it’s been sealed under pressure after which the bubbles emerge.

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