Can Prosecco Be Used In Cooking

Includes a Recipe for Ciambellone using Prosecco! – Owww sounds nice…tell me more…

Prosecco has raised some questions in terms of cooking. The questions been asked frequently is that can Prosecco be used in cooking? Yes but the confusing part of the argument remains what kind of recipe can be cooked with the wine and what makes the Prosecco wine an ideal wine to use when cooking any type of recipe.

Well am here to convince and not confuse you that the Prosecco wine like other sparkling wine can be added to your recipe when cooking, but first let me give a quick introduction about the Prosecco wine so that we can get the concept of the wine in a clear sense.

The Prosecco is an Italian wine from the Veneto region made with Glera which is the local grape found in the region, the Prosecco is accompany with some bubbles that keeps you attach to it and sometime can be sweeter than champagne depending on its make or brand, you can decide to go by the aperitivo by adding Aperol and good amount of soda which will result into spritz. That been said we should go into the cooking aspect.

We will be working with Italian recipe, it’s so logical to do because it will blend more with Italian dishes since it as its origination from that region. The Prosecco wine can substitute for fats and can be added as a liquid in meat dishes, sauces, vegetables as well as dessert. Wine like the Prosecco can be used for sauce recipes and chicken as well as fish dishes.

The Prosecco wine is up for the task because when cooking different recipes a sweet sparkling wine is an appropriate choice, there can be options only if the use of dry wine is specified for the recipe under consideration and in this case then we can use the dry label under the Prosecco wine brand.

We will be looking at how to bake a Ciambellone using Prosecco, the ingredients to use will be stated as well as the mode of preparation, sit back and enjoy.


  • About 4 cups of flour (cake flour is advised to get a good result)
  • 1 cup together with 1 or 2 table spoon depending on your sugar tolerance level
  • Five eggs with the fifth yolk so the albumen is extracted
  • 5 ½ teaspoon of lemon flavoring or vanilla depending on your taste
  • Baking powder of about 15 ½ teaspoon
  • Chopped lemon (zest)
  • Extra virgin oil of about 3/4
  • 3/4 cup of Prosecco

Necessary preparation

Oven should be preheated at 355 degreeF, a buttered flavored bunt cake pan should be provided and an electric mixer should be used.

Steps in making the Ciambellone

  • Combine the eggs and the sugar in the electric mixer and mix thoroughly until the color is light and there is an increase in the volume of the content.
  • After this addition of the Prosecco wine as well as the olive oil until its well-blended with the content in question. Flour, zest, baking powder, flavor and continue to mix in a medium speed till the ingredients are well blended together
  • Then we pour the batter into our already prepared bunt pan.
  • Then we place our pan in the oven (center), bake for at least 35 minutes until it attain a golden brown appearance
  • After its removed from the oven it should be allowed to cool before removal from the pan. Use can spread your sugar before serving.


Please enjoy while the meal last 😀

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