Can Prosecco Give You Heartburn

Oh No! Its not the Prosecco…is It?

Heartburn is not a disease that is related to the heart, so you can cool down your nerve, as a matter of fact it does not relate to any illness relating to the heart but its just has some irritations that are similar to heart attacks or disease.

In the real sense the concept behind heartburn is that it causes irritation to the esophagus which is caused by acids in stomach in returns this will lead to a burning upset in the upper part of the abdomen and below the breast bone.

As we all know that heartburn can be caused by the slightest thing possible, if its sounding fresh to your ear, then listen carefully; heartburn can be as a result of intake of water, you may not imagine how possible this is if you have not experience such. Let me give you a simple analogy on this, from experience after a very hectic day I came back home and after taking a bottle of chilled water from the refrigerator, and pouring it down my throat there was a sharp pain I felt in the heart and it left me wondering what might have been the cause then I realize the reason is as a result of rushing the water, that as it may be. The text is focusing on the big question can Prosecco cause heartburn?

Since we all know that Prosecco is made from the Glera grape and undergo some fermentation process that involve the use of yeast which is an ingredient used in all wine formation to ensure a proper and well blended wine. Judging from the intake of the Prosecco wine we can’t ignore the fact that the wine fermentation process involve the use of yeast, but then it’s essential to know that the wine yeast has been totally removed before been bottled and this is done by the second fermentation process the wine undergo in a tank where the yeast is removed totally leaving the wine with its fruity taste and flavor, unlike the champagne whose yeast is part of its make-up.

But then there are some citrus fruit that can cause such a situation, depending on the varieties the producer used in the production of his wine then to some extent you are safe drinking the Prosecco wine. People who are sensitive to yeast may find it difficult to drink the wine because they understand the fact that the wine formation involves the use of yeast but then if that’s not the case then Prosecco is safe to drink, if heartburn is still a problem then you can consult an expert for proper understanding.

Long-Story- Short; Any liquids can cause heartburn, not prosecco in particular. However, if you notice any pains when drinking Prosecco then we advise you to please contact your doctor asap.

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