Mini Bottles of Prosecco Bulk

You can buy mini bottles of Prosecco in bulk, this is an available option.

We notice people buy mini bottles of prosecco bulk for a various reasons:

  • Wedding Tables or Wedding Favors
  • Wedding Again – But For Bridesmaid Gifts
  • Make a Great Gift – Less is more?

Here’s another reason: Convenience!

Prosecco is “your drink”…
You’re getting ready to go out and you fancy a glass, just 1, no really ~ just 1 glass!
But you’re a little hesitant to open that brand new “Large” 75cl bottle as you don’t want it going stale (oh not what are you going to do!?)

The Solution = Buy Mini Bottles of Prosecco – and why not buy these mini delights in bulk!

It usually saves a little money if you buy mini bottles of prosecco bulk, instead of mini bottle individually.
Mini bottles are great gift ideas and also convenient ~ ready when you want “just” one glass.

Buying Mini Bottles Of Prosecco in Bulk has its “Perks” and is just…basically…a useful option, especially if you are a Prosecco Fan.


Where Can I Buy Mini Bottles Of Prosecco in Bulk?

Well, You can buy Mini Bottles of Prosecco Bulk in our Shop (here)
There Are Various quantities & brands of Prosecco available, Including:

  • 3 packs, 6 packs, Cases of 12 and Cases of 24.
  • Bottega, Di Maria, Borgo, premier Estates and Others.
Mini Bottles of Prosecco Bulk
above: Bottega brand of prosecco. available in various tastes, gold, rose gold and peoti.


Cheapest Mini Bottles Of Prosecco in Bulk?

If You Want To “Go Wild” And Grab Yourself A Case Then It Can Work Out A Little Cheaper In The Long-Run…

Lets Say A Case Of 24 x 20cl Bottles Sets You Back £100 – Then Each Bottle Has Cost Just Over £4.16…

Versus A Small Single 20cl Bottle For Around £5.00 – £6.00

Overall This Could Be A Saving Of £20 – £40 – It All Depends On The Brand Of Prosecco And Deals Available.

Cheapest…Ive Seen Cases Of 24 Sell At Just Under £90 So Again, It Depends On The Brand And Especially The Deals Available At That Time.


We hoped you enjoyed reading;
Have a great night & enjoy that “One Glass of Prosecco” 🙂

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