Small Bottles of Prosecco Tesco

Small Bottles Prosecco arn’t so hard to find as it may be the case with champagnes and such.

On the hunt for small bottles of prosecco…
Yes, we have been searching for small bottles of prosecco, tesco did stock at least two different bottles , as far as we could see.

If you are you are a prosecco drinker then you should take a look around Tesco, they have a good variety of alcoholic drinks and most stores usually stock small bottles of prosecco at tesco.

The most recent small bottle form prosecco we found at tesco are these brands:

  • Prosecco Canti D.O.C.
  • Plaza Centro Prosecco Doc Brut

Both are the 20cl versions.

At the time of writing this, the above 2 small bottles of presecco are available on Tesco website.


Thanks for reading 🙂
We hope we helped on your quest for those small prosecco’s


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