Where Did Prosecco Originate

So where did this extremely popular beverage originate from…

The question goes thus, when exactly did people start drinking prosecco? This same question can also be interpreted as where did prosecco originate?

Well it’s a good thing people are asking this question, if am interested in a particular thing, take the prosecco wine as an example, then I should have all information I could on the wine, this only shows my devotion and acceptance to the wine.

Prosecco can be traced back to the Roman period and some believe that it’s existence may have been before it was discovered by the Romans, the grape has been in existence since ancient time, the glera grape contribution to the wine is of great value because it’s the major constituent of the sparkling wine.

According to different accounts, Prosecco was traced back to be pucinum which was common in ancient rome. Drinking the pucinum wine then in Rome is believe to extend their lives which means it give then longer life, the Pucinum wine then was served on tables of kings, high ranked officer as well as dignitaries, this is to show the extent at which the wine was valued then and this was as a result of its fruity flavour that accompany it.

The pucinum is derived from the Glera grape which grew in the prosecco village, the grape is still cultivated in areas surrounding the village, northern Italian village to be precise (Trieste), the grape is believed to originate from this area.

As man evolve so is the name prosecco, prosecco adopted it’s name in the and gain prominence in the 20th century, some scholar believe it might be a compensating name to recognise the region where was grown. The fact remains that the sparkling grape wine have come a long way and it’s ready to sit amidst other celebrated wine.

Prosecco was awarded a D.O.C in the year 1969, this is to ensure that prosecco is only produced from its originated region and it’s prestige is kept. There was a lot of imitation in the production of the Prosecco wine because of its vast popularity but steps have been taking to curb such activities, by first reorganizing the production of the wine to maintain its quality, reputation and prestige of the wine. The wine is more controlled and in the capable hands of its producers.

Prosecco is ancient but it’s relevance to today’s generation is of great value.

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